Our Village Values


This list of core values are standard for our ministry. Derived from our Mission & Values, they create filters for how our leaders make decisions in order to present and implement our culture @ GP. We desire that all of our staff, leaders, and members exhibit these attributes in their daily lives, influencing everything that they do for the glory of God.


| Discipleship |

"Submitting and Serving others"

| Confidence |

"Equipped with the Full Armor of God"

| Having Faith |

"Passing the test with str"A"ight praise"

| Hearers & Doers |

"Keeping our ear pressed against Heaven"

| Committed |

"Closing on Sunday to protecting precious principles"

| Being Berean |

"Ensuring the pulpit rightly divides the Word of God"

| GAP Fillers |

"Filling the GAP between the church and the world for the cause of Christ"

| Down to earth |

"Having Fun while we fellowship"

| Serving |

"Living the example of Jesus"

| Community |

"Accepting all who come"

| Followers of the call |

"Being the Church, more than Being at the Church"

| Christ Representors |

"Standing for God and believing God will stand for us"


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